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Friday, April 24, 2015

The blog of all blogs

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This is the blog of all blogs
surprisingly written by human hand.
It has no subject of which to speak of
and is spammingly unplanned.
Who knows what subject it shall speak of,
or even if it's just scrawled in the sand.
Does it increase your boredom!
Will it encourage you to stand,
make a strand of string as long as a story
and colour each section with flowers,
maybe it can keep you for one minute in time,
where you'd like to drop it from a tower,
Anyway,before I explode in your mind,
yours will be greater than mine,I think and
you'll find a big old rhyme,just before we
lay our heads on our sleepy bed.When a
forgotten dream could slip in after the suppers
bread.and the children have read.
If I start to yawn and there's a lack of frog spawn,
down below in the meadow ,woman or fellow,
to steal a kiss would'n't go amiss,as I start to below
with my stupendous lungs I woud'st blow a sail or
two ,and flick a little yacht away with my thumb
This is a blog of a blog and there's still much to be done.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What is

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The April 4th eclipse ,Weakness to the right ,strength to the left ,yet  man cannot live without the breath of life,replenished blood,life force.The golden ram is equidistant from the altar,Its Eye being set between the horns,The red wine is poured on fire in a small triangle,inverting the sea,frightening the air,Born from deaths flame, water shall be cruel enough to make its absence shine on the bare fish-tails,the scorpion still buried in antiquity until the 7th pollution,which shall be conquered immediately by the earth,serene, joyous, blue .

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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Each colour and shadow/light creates depthsh
Height ,width,(frame)
personally projecting your own reality into the scene.
No two people see a picture from the same point of view, even when measured ,fractional differences come into being,no two natural things are the  same,when magnified to the finest detail.And  two of the same scenes placed next to each other can only be that way ,else one would be obscured , only appear different from their unusual point of view.
The smallest opposing colour tends to the fore-ground wether the opposites be black or white, yellow or red,or any other polarising colour.The larger colour to the background
.ie; night and day ..Dusk being the combination of the two light elements making a bland outlandish or dawn like eeriness .

Saturday, July 5, 2014

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